Free Delivery in Livingston MT (minimum $20), Shipping $7-9


Our business is a little different, in the best way! Here are some answers to questions you may have.


Q. What does pre-loved mean?

A. Used, we just prefer how it sounds! The inventory has been used but has so much life (and love) left!


Q. Where do you get your pre-loved inventory from?

A. We source it locally but also purchase from people (all across USA!)


Q. I have some items I want to sell, How can I?

A. Great! Check your quality-  we only take freshly laundered, non smoking, stain free/hole free items. Message us to ensure that we are in need of pre-loved items as well.

Not Local- You start by sending us pictures and clarifying quality. We will make an offer based on these pictures. Shipping is your responsibility. If an item arrives not in condition agreed upon, then 3 things may happen, 1- you may receive a different offer 2- you can either pay for shipping back 3- Items will be donated. You will receive money either by paypal or check.

Local- You drop off items in Rubbermaid type containers with name and number. We will have a chance to go through the item and make you an offer via email or phone. You choose which items you want to sell and we will write you a check or pay via paypal. For both drop off and set up, we require you to make an appointment and ask you to stick to that appointment, as we do not have time to wait for you to arrive. We are not a storage center. If you have left your items with us for over a week, we reserve the right to donate or sell. Ready to make an appointment? Message us at


Q. How much money will I make by selling with you?

A. We try to keep our prices affordable. A general rule of thumb is we resell at 50-75% of the original price. You would receive approximately 1/3 of that. After we have the chance to go over your items, we will notify you of what we would like to purchase and how much for each item. You will have the opportunity to decide if you would like to accept the offer or decline.